Toolshed tool survey English (#7) (#16)


What specific tools do you want to borrow for free at a tool library?

Tool types

What kinds of tools would you most want to be available at your local tool library?

gardening and outdoor tools
repair, renovation, and building tools
basic woodworking tools
sewing, arts, and crafts
kitchen, cooking, and food processing
farming and agriculture
audio, video, and media production
making, digital fabrication, and science
sustainable living
emergency preparedness


What projects do you want to be able to do at your home, or in your neighborhood?


What skills do you want to learn?

e.g. building & home renovation | gardening & landscaping | tree care | woodworking | plumbing | electrical | cooking & kitchen tools | sewing | media production | etc....

Personal Info (OPTIONAL)

If you want to stay updated on new tool inventory and how to become a member of the tool library, please let us know your contact information. (We will never share your personal info.)

Are you part of any organizations or groups that might make use of our tools? We want to be a resource for the good work that’s already happening in the community! Please list them here.